Workshop: Busted Bandurria

Bandurrias are tres cool, but they've got some distinct issues due to 12-string tension and the Spanish heel design. This one is one I've slacked-off on for a long time until the proper repair solution gelled for me -- as the neck joint had caved into the top and sprung the side-seams. Of course, a few layers of old repairs accompanied this condition, too.


1890s Fairbanks Special No.1 5-String Openback Banjo

Workshop: Pickguard Pickup Frustrations

Last year (I think?) I spruced this guitar up enough for its owner to get it going again. This year he came by with a Kent-branded 60s pre-loaded pickguard and had the intention of installing it.

Ephemera: Fool & His Guild (1960s)

The title says it all. How do you like the stripes on that Guild M-20's mahogany top? And... is it me... or is the fretboard bound?

Ephemera: Uzbek Dutar (1943)

This guy is playing a dutar of the more traditional Uzbek variety. The eBay seller noted this as a 1943 photo from Kyrgyzstan. I used to be terribly interested in instruments of this style when I was in High School, but tied frets and friction pegs are generally not my thing.

Ephemera: Argentinian Series (1930s)

Here's a set of photos of the same group around town (Buenos Aires). More after the break...

Ephemera: Blonde Box (1940s)

The eBay seller listing this photo mentioned Billy Eckstine's Orchestra, but this is certainly not them. Anyhow, this fellow is playing a tasty old archtop, for sure -- as it looks like the back of a Gibson L-5 from the time.

Ephemera: Family Snap (1930s)

...with a big old sunburst box.