Fall Stockpiling, Weathervanes, PayPal Swiper

The heavy stress of getting ready for winter is over, thankfully, as the cold seems to have begun settling in at night. I've ordered our 9 tons of wood pellets (we use pellet stoves in the house and the store), resealed all of our stove pipe and serviced the stoves, and have been resealing our windows and whatnot. It feels good.

I wanted to throw a shout-out to Mr. Jorgensen, the Weather Vane Man, who I traded some work with to get this fetching hawk vane. It'll be installed on the peak of our barn at some point, but for now it's adorning one of the structures in our garden.

I'm also now accepting all sorts of card (chip, swipe) and phone (ApplePay, etc.) payments via PayPal Here directly in the shop. I used to do a frustrating terminal-style thing through the computer to get a work-around for payments (which would often get funky), but this is fast and very secure and will make it a breeze for checkouts.

So -- if you're an agonizing musician-folk customer holding-out until you have cash to pay for your repairs -- no excuses, now! You can help me pay my grocery bills...! Like they say -- with two kids it's a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a box of cereal every day...

1985 Alvarez-Yairi DY-47 Dreadnought Guitar



Just a note -- I have a ton of blog posts to catch up on... mostly cool and funky old electrics -- so stay tuned! It's been another crazily-busy weekend. Thank you all for being so patient!


Ups & Downs, Downs, Downs

This week has been a bit of a wash, honestly. On Tuesday morning I cut my left index finger to a painful-enough degree that I needed to get it stitched-up at the ER for safety's sake (I couldn't tell how deep it was with that geyser of red that happens when you cut a finger). Yes, I was cutting art prints with an X-Acto -- something ironic because I'm using bandsaws, chisels, and all manner of sharp objects all day long at work. I haven't been to an ER since I was in elementary school!

The good bit is that I'll probably be back to playing "like normal" in a couple weeks or so and I can play bass with my ring and middle in the meantime (my pinky's always been useless), though it sure slows me up in the workshop.

2006 Japanese-made Fender Telecaster Custom Reissue Electric Guitar

2000s Korean-made Fender FMT HH Telecaster Electric Guitar


Apple-Picking Time & Museum

It's apple-picking time again! We got loads more, but here's a shot of us filling-up with goodies stolen from the ghost of Robert Frost -- truly -- next to his cabin up here off of Route 125.

In other news -- I've spent the whole day up to this point returning emails, calls, and updating the museum page which I haven't gotten to since early in May.